ZF-1828: FlashMessenger - Indirect modification of overloaded property


I'm geting this error when using FlashMessenger Helper :

Notice: Indirect modification of overloaded property Zend_Session_Namespace::$default has no effect in /www/2mx.int/library/Zend/Controller/Action/Helper/FlashMessenger.php on line 133

I'm using php 5.2.0, with the lastest svn export.

It's seems relatated to overloading array ? http://weierophinney.net/matthew/archives/…


Issue with Zend_Session and php 5.2.0 specific to the __get() return type.

This is due to BC breaks introduced in PHP 5.2.0 that were corrected in 5.2.1. Will not fix; please try and upgrade your installation to a later version of the 5.2.x series.