ZF-1919: Add support for NIL values in XML-RPC... Should I add it?


I ran into this when trying to interoperate with a python XMLRPC server.

There is an extension to the xml spec which allows a element in place of other values:

I have already implemented this building off of handling for booleans, but I would like feedback as to whether I should submit the changes back into the main codebase.

Are there any cases where someone is sending or recieving PHP NULL values and is counting on them to be translated differently, e.g. as FALSE?


Assigning to [~matthew] to initiate issue review.

Tentatively scheduling for 1.1.0

What is the status of this issue? Is it approved for inclusion in 1.5?

Scheduling for first mini-release following 1.5.0 GA release.

Because in next week I will need Nil in XML-RPC of Zend Framework, I've implemented this part by my self on this weekend. In patch you will find Zend_XmlRpc_Value_Nil, changes for Zend_XmlRpc_Value and Zend_XmlRpc_Server. Moreover, some tests for Nil added.

Because I didn't found the way, how to write correct tests for this (passing NIL from client to server and getting it back), I'm sharing my simple client and server that I've used for developing and tests.

NIL support added to trunk and release 1.5 branch.

Is there a way to disable this funtionality, and use the old behaviour (empty string)? Since it is an extension to XML-RPC, it isn't implemented by all XML-RPC clients (CodeIgniter for example).