ZF-1921: Zend_Validate_Hostname does not accept umlauts for com-TLD


Zend_Validate_Hostname does not accept german umlauts for .com-TLDs.

Reproduce code:


$validator = new Zend_Validate_Hostname(Zend_Validate_Hostname::ALLOW_DNS,true);

$host = utf8_encode('www.mö');
if ($validator->isValid($host))
    echo "PASS!";
    echo "FAIL!
"; foreach ($validator->getMessages() as $message) { echo "$message
"; } }


'www.mö' appears to be a DNS hostname but cannot match against hostname schema for TLD 'com'
'www.mö' does not appear to be a valid local network name
'www.mö' appears to be a local network name but but local network names are not allowed

Oh, by the way, www.mö is a valid hostname and connected ;-)


Assigned to Darby

I am afraid .com domains are not currently set up to accept international characters. The only TLDs currently set up are: * at * ch * li * de * fi * hu * no * se

I will look into the characters accepted for .com's and will see if I can implement this.

Darby, how do I get an unordered list

  • onto the documentation page at:…

The list of current IDN supported domains needs to be more obvious than is currently the case.

Hi Simon; try the {{}} DocBook tag. You can search in your framework working copy for other documentation files having this tag for examples.

So far I cannot find a list of characters accepted for an IDN .com domain so I won't be able to implement this for the next ZF release (v1.0.2)

I'll carry on looking, but if anyone has any suggestions please do post here :-)

Documentation updated in revision 6423, this issue will be left open since I need to look into .com IDN support

New feature implemented with r14532