ZF-2003: Zend_Validate_Date to support more formats than YYYY-MM-DD


Zend_Validate_Date currently requires an input format of YYYY-MM-DD, such as 2007-03-17. In the spirit of flexibility, the validation class should accept various other formats. Further, it should make use of Zend_Date, for DRYer code.

Priority minor since it is trivial to preformat a date such that it follows the YYYY-MM-DD format.


Can add that it would be nice to be able to pass an array as the value in the same manner as an array can be passed to the Zend_Date-constructor because in my application I got the values from three different form-fields and having to make a string out of those before validating was weird and not very handy when used with the Zend_Filter_Input-object.

In some way it should be able to be easier used with Zend_Filter_Input and different fields as well as other formats of strings as you suggest.

Integrated with SVN-7498