ZF-2023: Zend_Gdata_Calendar sample code doesn't list setReminder or addExtendedProperty when listing valid commands


When running demos/Zend/Gdata/Calendar.php without any arguments, a list of valid commands is output to stdout. This list is missing the following commands:

  • setReminder
  • addExtendedProperty

These commands are already recognized properly and have interactive help, so they just need to be added to the help text which is output when a command isn't issued by the user.


Added additional commands to output and verified that the commands outputted are equal to those in the case statements.

Trevor - can you do the code review on this one pleae.

Code review for r7056

The fix looks good conceptually, though there's a syntax error. The new strings end with a semi-colon (;) rather than the concatenation operator (.). Since fixing this is trivial, I've gone ahead and corrected this in r7059.

Index: demos/Zend/Gdata/Calendar.php
--- demos/Zend/Gdata/Calendar.php   (revision 7058)
+++ demos/Zend/Gdata/Calendar.php   (revision 7059)
@@ -783,8 +783,8 @@
       "createEvent\n" .
       "createQuickAddEvent\n" .
       "createWebContentEvent\n" .
-       "createRecurringEvent\n";
-       "setReminder\n";
+       "createRecurringEvent\n" .
+       "setReminder\n" .
} else {
  // running through web server - demonstrate AuthSub

With that applied, it looks good to me.