ZF-211: can't commit on the file TestConfiguration.php.dist


I can't solve the issue ZF-203 ( ) because I have no commit rights on the file TestConfiguration.php.dist.

If zend doesn't want to increase my commit rights on this file, may someone with enough karma add following lines in this file ?

/** * Zend_Cache * * TESTS_ZEND_CACHE_SQLITE => sqlite extension has to be enabled */ define('TESTS_ZEND_CACHE_SQLITE', false);


Please commit his patch, and resolve the related ZF-203 issue. I'm marking for 0.1.5 in case it makes it in time, otherwise move fix version back to 0.2.0 for both issues.

This is the patch for ZF-203, so I'm linking them.

0.1.5 released