ZF-214: Inheritance and private


As I reported the issue on, there's a problem with the context in which the methods of inherited objects work. I was planing on having a single Zend_View to render all the files. So I was thinking of adding a $_globalvars variable where to store global vars, and reset the local $_vars variable together with $_path variable after each render() method call. The problem arrises with accessing those variables since they are processed with __set __get and other methods defined in parent class, I'd have to overwrite all those functions, which just looses the point of OOP. The problem would disappear by making those variables protected instead of private?


A clearVars() method was added in revision 1481, in response to [ZF-102]; this addreses the issue of resetting $_vars. To reset the $_path variable, there are already a variety of methods: setScriptPath() (overwrites the path to view scripts with the new value), setHelperPath() (same, for helper paths), and setFilterPath() (for filter paths).

Resetting $_vars request is a duplicate of [ZF-102], and other functionality requested already exists.