ZF-2171: Add select params to findDependentRowset and such



In Zend_Db_Table_Row, you can easily fetch dependent table rows and parent rows via foreign keys. Unlike fetchAll(), findDependentRowset() and findParentRow() and findManyToMany() does not allow to set specific where, order, count and offset clauses. The patch attached add these parameters to the formers functions.

Magics function findTables, findParentTables and findTablesViaTables are handled as well.

I use patche Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract for some weeks without problems.

Regards, Étienne.


Here is the promised patch. Docblocks are updated too.

Hi, ~bersace], have you submitted a signed [CLA yet? Until we have proof that we have license to do so, we cannot use the attached patch as-is.

Please complete a CLA for us so that we can directly use additional contributions from you. :) Thanks!

I see that you have submitted a CLA - thank you! Once this has been processed, we can incorporate your contributions with Zend Framework. Welcome to the framework development community! :)

Thanks Darby,

I wish you'll like the patch.

Regards, Étienne.


My CLA is Ok, thanks to Melissa. I now belong to zf-framework-dev group.

Regards, Étienne.

Hi Etienne - these enhancements have been covered off in the Zend_Db_Table Enhancements proposal and are already up-and-running as of ZF1.5 PR1 - I encourage you to try them out and send your feedback.