ZF-2183: Cannot run incubator tests for Zend_Db components


The Zend_Db test suite does not run incubator-specific test components when run from within the incubator/tests directory. A number of E_NOTICE lines are output suggesting that the trunk version of the test configuration file is being loaded before the incubator version and even stub files creating within the incubator are not being called.


There were no current DB tests in the incubator, so I committed revisions 6819 and 6820. The {{TestHelper.php}} script in the incubator tests directory makes an {{include_path}} of:

  • Incubator library,
  • Incubator tests,
  • Trunk library,
  • Trunk tests, and
  • whatever the pre-configured {{include_path}} had been prior to running {{TestHelper.php}}.

It should be feasible now to add to the incubator whatever tests are needed.

Changing to comply with new IT coventions for components.