ZF-2187: Zend_mail unitests crash on i5/OS


This error occurs only on i5/OS (both OS version v5R3 and v5R4) and didn't occur on Windows or Linux.

I ran AllTests.php on i5 with ZendCore 2.5.0 and bundled ZendFramework 1.02. When it got to the "Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest" I got segmentation fault crash. I guess it's on the test that wasn't in the report (I ran the tests with --log-tap), which is "testIterationWithSeek". Below you can find the report on the last test suite.


#TestSuite "Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest" started.
ok 2021 - testCount(Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest)
not ok 2022 - Error: testIsset(Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest)
ok 2023 - testNotIsset(Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest)
not ok 2024 - Error: testArrayGet(Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest)
ok 2025 - testArraySetFail(Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest)
not ok 2026 - Error: testIterationKey(Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest)
not ok 2027 - Error: testIterationIsMessage(Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest)
not ok 2028 - Error: testIterationRounds(Zend_Mail_InterfaceTest)



Plz check the mail function on the i5 machine. It's probably the mail() function that raise this error (as far as i checked, the mail function doesn't work properly on the i5 machine).

I don't have i5/OS, so I need a little help. The test you mentioned uses the LimitIterator. Does this crash? What's the output?

<?php var_dump(__LINE__); $array = array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5); var_dump(__LINE__); $a = new ArrayIterator($array); var_dump(__LINE__); $l = new LimitIterator($a, 2, 2); var_dump(__LINE__); foreach ($l as $k => $v) { var_dump(__LINE__, $k, $v); } var_dump(__LINE__); ?>

Note: it should be ```` with two underscores before and after LINE

Shany, any comment on this?

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