ZF-2219: addBcc() lacks 'name' parameter


The addBcc() function does not have the second parameter 'name' , while addCc() and addTo() do have it . Instead the name is internally set to ''.

For consistency & usablities sake addBcc() should also get the extra name parameter.


To and CC have corresponding headers, while BCC doesn't. BCC is only used for the envelope and the name wouldn't be used anyway. If you want to, you could still call BCC with an extra parameter, as it's ignored by PHP.

Ah I see what you mean when it just purely concerns sending the mail to the recipients..

But when you want to store the mail somewhere, say in an IMAP 'sent' folder, or display it, say in a 'preview' area, that BCC 'name' data is lost - data which is a valid part of the BCC header.

Would it not be better to let Zend_Mail retain the complete information, and leave it up to the 'handlers' of the mail object to use only the data which they need?

I'll see. That would make sense when we merge the mail messages classes or add some better support to copy a sent message to imap or maildir. Therefore this issue is now postponed.

Sorry, I have been inactive since last April.

Resolved for ZF2