ZF-2238: Ability to add additional columns for dbtable authentication


As it is, zend_auth_adapter_dbtable uses a username and password to verify a person's account credentials. I have a similar yet subtly different situation where there are usernames and password in a table however they are unique per "sourceid" column. In this situation I am unable to verify the account credentials because they may exist more than once. So, in addition to requiring a username and password for authorization, it may be a good idea to add an optional parameter, or parameters, or array of parameters, that are used to check for authorization as well.

This may fall into the case where a users table has a "statusid" column where some statuses are equivalent to "enabled", "disabled", "paused", etc. In this scenario, a developer may want to authorize against those who are enabled only. Yes, the developer can do it once the values are returned to check the statusid but it would be nice to give them the option to do it implicitly.


The functionality you describe is already attainable as you can see with the duplicated issue.

This does make for a compelling argument to add this use case to the manual though.

Thanks, Ralph

This is not a "code" issue per-se, more of a documentation issue. I will create an appropriate manual entry to reflect all the issues that surround this type of use case.