ZF-2252: Zend_Feed documentation example is not working


Example 13.1 published in Zend_Feed overview ( doesn't work. Slashdot started to serve feeds in RSS 1.0 and, according to ZF-405, Zend_Feed is unable to parse RSS 1.0 due to bug ZF-26.

I would suggest to change example with a working one, at least untile ZF-405 will be fixed.

Additionally, what about including a note in the official Zend_Feed documentation about the lack of RSS 1.0 support? It may also point to ZF-405. I think this is a major issue that needs to be reported. Have a look at…


Assigned to Alexander who, according to…, is the new Zend_Feed component coordinator.

Updating to follow standard for documentation issues.

This issue will be solved because ZF-26 an ZF-405 are fixed.

Sorry, not in 1.7.4. please wait.