ZF-23: Zend_Http_Client::get() always build path string with '?'


Zend_Http_Client builds a request path string like following code.… 74 $request = array_merge(array('GET ' . $this->_uri->getPath() . '?' . $this->_uri->getQuery() . ' HTTP/1.0',

This code always makes a path string with "?" if URL has no querystring. ex) "/path/to/file?" But some webpages return other contents if the path string has "?" or not. ex) and

So please change like this.

74 $request = array_merge(array('GET ' . $this->_uri->getPath() . (($this->_uri->getQuery() !== false) ? '?' . $this->_uri->getQuery() : '') . ' HTTP/1.0',


Development of the HTTP client currently concentrated on the incubator version which is a complete rewrite of the client.

Please test if the problem exists in the incubator version.

To learn how to use the incubator components, read this:…

Ok, I will test the incubator version. Please close this issue.

Does not happen in the incubator version - will not fix, please use the incubator (will soon replace the old HTTP client anyway).