ZF-2302: Use new self() construction instead new Zend_Date()


It is more comfortable for inheritance


Same for * Zend_Feed_Element * Zend_Http_CookieJar * Zend_Json_Encoder * Zend_Mime_Message * Zend_Search_Lucene_Search_QueryParser * Zend_Service_Delicious_PostList * Zend_Config * Zend_Locale

Please fill a issue for every component, because there are different main authors associated which have to solve the problems.


PS: Please to not self-assign issues... this has to be done by the component-authors.

Year I know. I assigned this improvement to myself because I have already fixed it. Unfortunately I cannot commit. Could you grant me access for SVN commits?

I am not able to grant you write access nor would you have it for all components. It's not that easy.

And also to mention not all people, me included, are happy if someone commits code to their classes without asking the main author and thinking about pros, cons and running unit tests.

Zend_Date and Zend_Locale will be edited by me, but for all other you would have to fill seperate issues so the responsible authors can edit them.

If you have a patch then simply add the patch to the issue and the main author or an other responsible person will review it and add it to the trunk.

This would be the proper way where you don't need full SVN access.

Thanks for your help anyway. :-)

Integrated with SVN-7142