ZF-2345: Zend_OpenId_Consumer fails to identify OpenId server element when attributes are single-quoted


The regular expression which Zend_OpenId_Consumer uses to find the element in the discovery response currently requires the attribute values in that element to be double-quoted (Zend_OpenId_Consumer, lines 618-626). This makes sense given the XML underpinnings of most modern HTML, as attribute values in XML are required to be double-quoted.

However, since OpenID can be implemented by anyone on any server, it stands to reason that it might be implemented by developers who are not familiar with this requirement. A good case in point is the blog I recently started on The OpenID element used in blogs single-quotes its attribute values; this behavior does not appear to be modifiable, and it looks like it would affect a lot of users.

I would like to propose modifying the regular expression to allow for single-quoted attribute values, so as to avoid unpleasant login errors in these kinds of situations.


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