ZF-2368: Zend_Measure_NumberTest::testConvertTo() failing (1.0-branch)


2) testConvertTo(Zend_Measure_NumberTest) Failed asserting that two strings are equal. expected string <25 â<91>½> difference got string <35 â<91>½> /home/sebastian/Work/ZendFramework-1.0/tests/Zend/Measure/NumberTest.php:255


Should be fixed within the latest release

Is it now fixed within the trunk ? Can you please give me response ?

Thank you...

That would be good to resolve it for the 1.0.4 release (if possible). So I've increased issue priority.

(It still fails with the latest release maintenance brunch update - revision 7968)

I asked "is it fixed within the trunk" because I didn't want to make try and error within the branch. As I didn't got response on this, I integrated all changes into the branch with all possible problems.

So please give me response if it is now fixed with the latest revsion.

(I've just deleted my wrong comment, I looked at another issue before an answer)

Sorry for misunderstanding. Yes, the problem still exists in current trunk version.

Unsure if it will make until 1.0.4... therefor downgrading to critical... fix depends on an other issue which will be fixed before this one


I've just fixed it. There was a problem in base converting for long numbers.

Thomas, please review the changes.

PS Changeset 8266 is actually related to the ZF-2633 issue (wrong issue number in the comment)

I changed only a small typo... the rest looks good in my 3 environments. Thank you for your help.

PS: I hate OS related problems... they are hard to fix :-)

Yeah. I've just commit it to the release maintenance branch.

PS I do agree :) Sometimes I think that one OS for all would be better :)