ZF-2376: Lazy load all exceptions in Zend_Gdata


There are a handful of Zend_Gdata classes which do not lazy-load exceptions before throwing them. These should be corrected and stricken from the list of offending classes at:…


Currently waiting on clarification of policy for Exception subclasses, since these also show up on the list of classes to be fixed.

Okay, as I expected, Exception subclasses are exempt. That leaves about 5 classes that need to be fixed.

Patch committed to trunk as r7429.

Committed some changes in r7575 to lazy load exception clasess that were throwing exceptions as they weren't loaded prior to instantiation :)

Ryan, I think those were the exceptions that needed to be updated to resolve ZF-1752. I've had a patch sitting around to do that for a while (it's a simple change), but I've been hesitant to commit it without updating the unit tests.

Hi Trevor,

Yep-- sorry, didn't see that bug. This was causing exceptions when running the sample app. While unit tests would be nice, my priority in this case was making the sample app work :) I resolved the issue, but left it assigned to you so you can attach unit tests if/when you get a chance. If you'd prefer to re-open it in the meantime, that'd be fine too.

We should have a status of 'resolved in trunk, but still needs unit test'

Cheers, -Ryan