ZF-2378: A "new " miss in the example code


In the documentation of Zend Mail, on the "reference guide", point 21.14.5.

The code is : {quote}foreach (RecursiveIteratorIterator($mail->getMessage(1)) as $part) { try { if (strtok($part->contentType, ';') == 'text/plain') { $foundPart = $part; {quote}

And it must be : {quote}foreach (new RecursiveIteratorIterator($mail->getMessage(1)) as $part) { try { if (strtok($part->contentType, ';') == 'text/plain') { $foundPart = $part; {quote}

Thanks you Pierre Bonneau QSMS


Matthew, you have some other documentation fixes for 1.5, can you take a look at this one, too?