ZF-2391: Values of Multi-Elements (select...) can be "out of range"


Zend_Form currently doesn't prevent bad guys from submitting forms filled with "bad" values (not being part of the available options).

Kind regards, Thomas Gelf


Quick & dirty patch.

A more elegant variant would be overriding getValidatorChain(), adding some kind of Zend_Validate_IsArrayKey(). As the latter doesn't exist (and as I'm really lazy) I have chosen the approach shown in the attached patch file.

Cheers, Thomas

Please post this to the mailing list, and not the issue tracker. Zend_Form is in its very early stages, and not even approved as a proposal yet; sharing this on list will illicit maximum discussion during the development phase of this component.

Done, sent through gmane (ā€¦). I hope it will find it's way to the right destination (Nabble??)...