ZF-2398: Zend_View_Helper_HeadLink should be Doctype-aware


The Zend_View_Helper_HeadLink component uses shorthand tag closing notation on all link elements, regardless of the DOCTYPE provided to the Zend_View_Helper_Doctype component. I.e., it always produces elements like the following:

Instead of the following:

The current behavior is fine for documents written as XHTML, but not necessarily for HTML without the X; running such a document through the W3 validator (as, say, HTML 4.01 Strict) produces warnings and errors.

This is a fairly trivial problem (since most browsers have no problem handling this kind of shorthand even in older flavors of HTML), but I think it would also be fairly trivial to fix (in fact, there's a good, simple precedent in lines 374-380 of the HeadScript helper), and doing so would make the framework's output more compliant with W3 standards (if only a little).


This seems to be the source of a few inconsistencies

Neither Zend_View_Helper_HeadMeta or Zend_View_Helper_HeadStyle make any allowances for different doctypes either, however both default to using non-XHTML mark-up.

Other Zend_View_Helper_* seem to default to XHTML, as in this case, although I've only checked a few.

As we have a doctype check with isXhtml() it seems sensible to use it across the board and to have a consistent default. At the moment tag soup is inevitable due to the existing defaults and the fact that only one Helper seems to allow changes.

Scheduling for 1.5.0, and upgrading priority slightly.

All head() helpers and (hopefully) all form() helpers are now doctype aware.