ZF-2430: Zend_Controller_Router_Interface class doesn't need to include front controller


From the mailing list (by Tom Auinger):

I just found that the Zend_Controller_Router_Interface class includes the Zend_Controller_Front class on line 26 (in ZF 1.0.3):

require_once 'Zend/Controller/Front.php';

However, this class is never used within the interface.

Removing this include would increase performance when using the router interface without the front controller.



Route interface should have an additional method:

public static function getInstance(Zend_Config $config);

And then Module Router needs some additional require statements:

Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Interface


Fixed in revision 7444. Changelog:

Cleaned interfaces of unneeded classes and added some missing. Zend_Controller_Router_Abstract: moved inclusion of Front controller (now JIT) to allow more lightweight subclassing
Lazy loading exceptions