ZF-2466: $pds->pages[2]->drawtext () with accentuation not possible on linux


Hi, I use drawText(é) on my pc with xp it's work fine. I use on my serveur the same page it's doesn't work no letter with accentuation ar'ent print. Maybe It's look like this bug ZF-2387 Thank's, my soft works in production. Berty

require_once 'Zend/Pdf.php'; $pdf = new Zend_Pdf(); $font = Zend_Pdf_Font::fontWithName(Zend_Pdf_Font::FONT_HELVETICA_BOLD); foreach ($this->aff->GetIdListeInscrit() as $idsta){ $inscrit=$this->aff->evaluation[$idsta]; $pdf->pages[$idsta] = $pdf->newPage(Zend_Pdf_Page::SIZE_A4_LANDSCAPE);); $pdf->pages[$idsta]->setFont($font, 13); $pdf->pages[$idsta]->drawText('éae', mm2inch(34), mm2inch(83)); } }

header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=".$fichier); header("Expires: 0"); header("Content-type: application/pdf"); header('Pragma: cache'); header('Cache-control: private'); // IE BUG echo $pdf->render();


Sorry it's not a bug. It's encoding worries. $pdf->pages[$idsta]->drawText('éae',mm2inch(34), mm2inch(83),'ISO-8859-1'); I try too find to encode all document.

Hi Bertrand! Yes, it's similar to ZF-2387 issue (encoding problem).

Probably, it's a good reason to extend documentation with more clear explanation of encoding processing...

Please evaluate and categorize as necessary.