ZF-2481: Zend_Cache documentation wrong: No longer valid configuration parameter names


In Zend_Cache_Core, certain translations of configuration parameter names were done which were removed (presumably in 1.1) and the documentation has not been updated. This results in certain features being unusable because the documentation (and examples in it) lead to exception-throwing behavior.

The cause was the removal of Zend_Cache_Core::$_backwardCompatibilityArray in revision 6676.

The following translations are no longer automatically done, and anywhere the Zend_Cache documentation says to use the left-hand string, the right-hand string must be used instead.

lifeTime                                lifetime
writeControl                            write_control
automaticSerialization                  automatic_serialization
automaticCleaningFactor                 automatic_cleaning_factor
cachedEntity                            cached_entity
cacheByDefault                          cache_by_default
cachedMethods                           cached_methods
nonCachedMethods                        non_cached_methods
cachedFunctions                         cached_functions
nonCachedFunctions                      non_cached_functions
masterFile                              master_file
httpConditional                         http_conditional
debugHeader                             debug_header
defaultOptions                          default_options
cacheWithGetVariables                   cache_with_get_variables
cacheWithPostVariables                  cache_with_post_variables
cacheWithSessionVariables               cache_with_session_variables
cacheWithFilesVariables                 cache_with_files_variables
cacheWithCookieVariables                cache_with_cookie_variables
makeIdWithGetVariables                  make_id_with_get_variables
makeIdWithPostVariables                 make_id_with_post_variables
makeIdWithSessionVariables              make_id_with_session_variables
makeIdWithFilesVariables                make_id_with_files_variables
makeIdWithCookieVariables               make_id_with_cookie_variables

I found this while using cachedEntity and experimentally upgrading my ZF version. It ought to be fairly easy going, a lot of it is a search-replace job inside the documentation.


BTW, r6676 affects only 1.0.3 and later, so this is a recent bug.

only Function and Class backends were wrong in documentation

fixed in trunk and 1.0 branch


PS : these old parameters were deprecated before 1.0 release and a warning was issued if logging = true