ZF-2500: Testcases supposed to revert system as it was before execution


Aren't all testcases supposed to revert system as it was after execution Cause I get tons of files created and left there after executing test suits.

Attached is jmut@dexter:/storage/www/frameworks/zendframework$ svn up At revision 7623

jmut@dexter:/storage/www/frameworks/zendframework$ cd tests; php AllTests.php ........

jmut@dexter:/storage/www/frameworks/zendframework$ svn st Attached is the output


it doesn't seem to be a Zend_Cache problem (these files do not belong to Zend Cache unit tests)

Yes, you are right. Seems not Zend_Cache but Zend_Date issue.

To reproduce cd tests; php Zend/Date/AllTests.php svn st

@Thomas Weidner I think it is good practice to leave comment on any changes of issues. Why was Zend_Date component removed from issue? Should I create new one specific for it ?

Please categorize/fix as needed.

We will fix this in the 2.0 unit tests. Artifacts should be cleaned up after a test run. Hopefully there will be some ZF testsuite facilities or PHPUnit facilities we can utilize.

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