ZF-2517: Allow HeadTitle() to be used in multiple locations


As HeadTitle() produces

tags, it's not possible to use in in other locations outside , it would be great if that could be possible.

Mailing list reference:…

Thank you


Scheduling for next mini release

I don't know how you are planning to do this but to be able to specify a tag would be good... Maybe boolean would add or not add title tag, or a string would become the tag.

echo $this->headTitle(true); //

My Title

echo $this->headTitle(false); // My Title

echo $this->headTitle('h2'); //

My Title

And / Or implement another placeholder helper for titles, which is then extended by headTitle and in turn can be extended by our own classes. I use a pageTitle helper which is basically a duplicate of headTitle, if this could be based on a concrete implementation of a Title Helper it would make it all work more seamlessly.

This sounds like it should come in the form of a Zend_View_Helper_Title helper. This is not within the scope of the headTitle() helper. Please create a proposal. Perhaps ping Jon Whitcraft (sidhighwind) as he has invested interest in the Zend_View Helpers and might be interested in creating this.