ZF-2541: Missing require_once before throw exceptions in Zend_Loader_PluginLoader.


Class Zend_Loader_PluginLoader. Missing require_once in lines 220-222:

if ($pos === null) {
    throw new Zend_Loader_PluginLoader_Exception('Prefix ' . $prefix . ' / Path ' . $path . ' was not found in the PluginLoader.');

and lines 315-317:

if (!class_exists($className, false)) {
    throw new Zend_Loader_PluginLoader_Exception('File ' . $classFile . ' was loaded but class named ' . $className . ' was not found within it.');

This implies autoload feature, but many peoples do not has it.


I had the same problem. I don't think it's assuming autoload feature though, as it uses require_once normally through the rest of the file, so this is clearly a missing require_once.

This has magically been fixed. Probably by matthew.

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.

Is this simple bug already fixed?

Duh, posted in the wrong issue. Yay me!