ZF-2550: Refactor Zend_Filter_Input to use Zend_Loader_PluginLoader


After a recent update to Zend_Loader, Zend_Filter_Input began emitting warning errors for non-existent classes. This is because Zend_Filter_Input was using a base 'namespace' property to derive the base name for both filters and validators and would try both before matching the correct class name.

This needs to be refactored to allow Zend_Loader_PluginLoader to locate the correct class name more efficiently and to also refine the API for Zend_Filter_Input to allow better distinction between filter and validator namespaces.


Fix for next minor release (1.5.0 RC1)

The removal of the following protected members could affect extending classes:

protected $_namespaces = array('Zend_Filter', 'Zend_Validate');
protected $_userNamespaces = array();

The behavioral changes in {{_getFilterOrValidator()}} may also pose backward-compatibility problems, but I'm unsure how many people might be extending it and using the method.

Simon, will you have time to get to this in the next couple of days? This is on the very short :) list of 1.5 unresolved must-haves. We'll have to resolve it very soon!

Thanks. ,Wil

Hi Wil - was just waiting for the OK from Darby. It's all been committed now.

Resolved in 7939