ZF-2639: Add possibility to create guid (or other elements) attributes


If I want set the guid attribute for the feed item - I can't achieve this with the current implementation of the Zend_Feed, in this current implementation I can make only

 $feedArray['entries'][] = array(
    "guid" => "",
     "title" => iconv("iso-8859-2","utf-8",$article->getTitle()),


minor priority

Please evaluate and categorize as necessary.

Priority is set to should have

Bug is still here from version 1.0.x till 1.8.x, why there aren't any improvements for Zend_Feed for about a year? Another notice, It's maybe duplicate with ZF-5833.

I think there isn't any support for Zend_Feed nowadays :-(

Fixed in r19132. Enjoy proper isPermaLink attributes ;)

Nice, thank you Padric.

Just surprised it was there since Feb 2008. It was an obvious flaw with an easy fix overall. Unfortunately Zend_Feed is a bit of a mess and it's being superseded by Zend_Feed_Reader, and soon Zend_Feed_Writer.