ZF-263: Rolling File Appender


Please add feature "Rolling File Appender" to Zend_Log. For example every 20MB log file will be rolled, at maximum 10 log files.



What you're asking for is to add a functionality to make Zend_Log rotate logs, or add functionality to read splitted logs in a "rolling" form?

to make Zend_Log rotate logs

This is really something that in most cases is deligated to the server to handle.

Rotating of logs at the application level of a web application would cause a large delay for the user that happened to hit the site and get "stuck" with the rotation action.

logrotate is a good example of handling this at the server level

Hi, I'm developing software under Linux, I know logrotate

but my software will be deployed to multiplatform... (esp windows and linux) It will be necessary to let php rotate the log, just like log4php

Reopening issue, however I don't think it should be part of "core" Zend_Log but instead split off into a seperate Zend_Log_Manager type class. This way those who need this functionality can use it but no overhead is added for those that don't

Changing fix version to unknown.

Scheduling for release 0.8.0.

Creating a new component or tool for managing log files is not related to the Zend_Log component. I'm closing this issue as "Incomplete" because that is what we have done for JIRA issues that really should be presented in the form of a proposal on our wiki.