ZF-2700: Zend_Validate_Float might error with localeconv


in Zend_Validate_Float de lines (64-65):

$valueFiltered = str_replace($locale['decimal_point'], '.', $valueString); $valueFiltered = str_replace($locale['thousands_sep'], '', $valueFiltered);

should be replaced by :

$valueFiltered = str_replace( array( $locale['decimal_point'], $locale['thousands_sep']), array( '.', '' ), $valueString );

Otherwise for example the dutch locale : 1.000.000,00 would transform to 100000000 instead of 1000000.00


Not quite right... the solution is simpler.

I don't know why this code was duplicated because it exists already in Zend_Locale. But to get the right normalised value you have first to delete the thousand seperators and at last change the decimal point.

Or you could simply use Zend_Locale_Math::normalize();

I changed the two lines and it should now work with the existing solution and without any new feature.

Fixed with SVN-8714