ZF-2707: testToFloatSetlocale(Zend_Locale_FormatTest): "Failed asserting that <string:1 234,00> is equal to <string:1 234,50>"


Unit tests fail with the following diagnostic:

1) testToFloatSetlocale(Zend_Locale_FormatTest)
Failed asserting that 


This issue had been reported in past for Ubutu and was fixed.

It seems that the latest changesets in the past 2 weeks were the reason for reopening this issue. I made changes to the underlaying math class.

Can you please verify if the problem is fixed for latest trunk ? 8277 or later

Even if I did not make the changeset for this issue, the changeset was related to math problems when bcmath is disabled in certain environments. And this failure looks like it is also related to this.

Thank you

Should be fixed with SVN-8537... please verify this and give me feedback... Thank you