ZF-2738: word separators are not converted to dashes (view rendering)


I am testing the 1.5 Release Candidate 1 for backwards compatibility, and I encountered the following problem:

I am trying to call the following controller/action: /clients.coaching/overview, this translates to ClientsCoachingController::overviewAction(). In the 1.0.3 release, when rendering the view (viewRenderer), this would look for the file clients-coaching/overview.phtml, but in the RC1, it translates to clients.coaching/overview.phtml

In the documentation it says:

"The canonical, documented way is that all word separators are converted to dashes, and the words lowercased. This creates a semantic tie between the actions and view scripts, and the normalization ensures that the scripts can be found."

So according to these docs, a '.' should be converted to a dash when checking for the view script.


Since this is inflector/viewrenderer related, I'll have a look into it

Fixed in r8534.

Changed the ViewRenderer to use a formatted name (by the dispatcher) rather than the raw names in the request object. This should solve the problem you are seeing, as well as pose as a solution for any type of word-separated issues that would have arisen.


Fixed in 1.5