ZF-2836: Segmentation Fault on Debian Etch with PHP 5.2.0 while rendering


I have a segmentation fault on my Debian Etch (PHP 5.2.0) although it works well on my Windows Vista (PHP 5.2.5) when I try to render the Zend_Form.

It appears that the segmentation fault come from there :

File : Zend/Form/Element.php

{quote} public function getAttribs() { $r = new ReflectionObject($this); $properties = $r->getProperties(); $attribs = array(); foreach ($properties as $property) { if ($property->isPublic()) { $attribs[$property->getName()] = $property->getValue($this); } } return $attribs; } {quote}

When I call this methods :

bq. $property->isPublic()

Unfortunately I can't go further since I have no idea where I can find the source of the ReflectionObject.

Could you please take a look ? Thanks


This has been resolved for several weeks, and the fix pre-dates the preview release.

This appears to have been fixed before 1.5.0RC1. Please update if this is not the case.

Cleaning up fix for versions to only include production releases.