ZF-2882: Zend_Db_Table, example for caching metadata incorrect


in Example 10.100. Using a Default Metadata Cache for all Table Objects

Given example not working :

$backendOptions = array( 'cacheDir' => 'cacheDir' );

should be

$backendOptions = array( 'cache_dir' => 'cacheDir' );


Thanks report, It is fixed in SVN r 8850. I also similar problem in zend.memory.memory-manager.html and zend.memory.html#zend.memory.overview.

I'm assuming this fix is merged to the 1.5 release branch for release with 1.5.1. Please update JIRA if this is not the case.

I find it in zip file of Programmer's Reference Guide ver 1.5.0.

Documentation changes are not merged to release branches under current policy.