ZF-2891: Detach Zend_Cache from Zend_Loader


All ZF components should be loosly coupled and be able to be used alone without other components if possible.

Zend_Cache_Backend for example:

        // Create a default logger to the standard output stream

A simple require_once would be faster and would decouple it from Zend_Loader, which makes it possible to use Zend_Cache without Zend_Loader. There are a few other places in Zend_Cache where this should also be decoupled.


There are some classes which could be detached:

Zend_Feed_Builder_Header_Itunes (line 115) Zend_Feed_Builder_Header (lines 178, 249, 272) Zend_InfoCard (line 144)

I've searched through the framework using:


I wish, I could edit comments....

Best would be to create an issue per component. Because the author of Zend_Feed will not touch Zend_Cache and visa-versa.

Ok, I didn't want to mess up the tracker.

Thats no problem... I know the guys. :-)

When you add 15 classes to be changes this issue will be opened forever because everyone says he is not able to change the other class.

So better go the simple way and copy the issue for every component where it is needed. ;-)

OK, I'll remember this in the future :-)

Updating for the 1.6.0 release.