ZF-3027: Add an Coding Standard Testbed


We/I are actually adding a testbed which is testing the coding standard with PHP_CodeSniffer. The reports can be used to fix problems on the coding standard.

Tests can be added for all possible purposes like File Endings, Namings, API Docs, Clauses and much much more.

Details can be found in the wiki within the Zend Coding Standard (RC).


I attached the actual result of codig standard errors in core and incubator.

Actually only 4 tests have been integrated: * No Windows Lineending * No closing Tag * expected linelength 100 chars, maximum linelength 120 chars * No Tabs

I will add other tests related to ZF Coding Standard and present the actual results for the core within here. Please keep in mind that any change made in core has to be merged into branch !!

Added new coding standard violation file.

A Description of executed tests can be found here:…

The actual testbed contains more than 80 different tests related to the new coding standard.

It is based in PHP_CodeSniffer 1.1.0.a but not errorfree for now. The actual results can be found in the attached file.

We are not allowed to add a coding standard testbed without writing a proposal even if I was said in past that I don't need it.

I had to delete my existing work from incubator as wished by the Zend Dev-Team.

Feel free to download the non-finished version from my blog in a few days.