ZF-3057: Apache 404 Parameters problem


*  I am trying to do this
              -Initialize FrontController with Request_Apache404 
              -Set my .htacess with ErrorHandler 404 to bootstrap.                   
              -Write my Controllers and wait for parameters in the way as documentation say "?parameter=value" or "parameter/value"
              -In example 1 : /controllerexample/actionexample/format/json
              -In example 2 : /controllerexample/actionexample?format=json

   * The result I get is this
              -In example 1: Work OK. Json output.
              -In example 2:The  same output as format wasn't send.

     * This is how I did it
               -The class Zend_Controller_Request_Apache404 isnt work with $_SERVER['REDIRECT_QUERYSTRING'] where the Apache 404 ErrorHandler method let _GET variables of original request.

bq.May-Be Solution Example: 'parse_str($_SERVER['REDIRECT_QUERYSTRING'],$_GET);' or write logic of if-elseif-else in Method overwrited method 'setRequestUri' in 'Zend_Controller_Request_Apache404' (if you see the code of this methods in last lines do something about re-generate $_GET but only when parameter is passed)


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I really cannot understand exactly what issue is being reported. Can the original reporter please update the issue and indicate clearly and concisely the expectation and actual results? I.e.:

  • I am trying to do this
  • The result I get is this
  • This is how I did it


Unassigning until we get feedback from reporter.

It looks like the issue has been updated. Please evaluate and fix/categorize as necessary.

Added support for REDIRECT_QUERYSTRING in r12303.

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.