ZF-3065: Create CodeSniffer ruleset to accompany coding standards




I am actually working on this ruleset. Just tell me if it's helpfull for you or not. I can send you what I've done until yet, but it's far away from being finished because I want to have a complete testbed, and not only the things which we found to be problematic.

For example: Also how the indention is done (4 spaces) should be tested. I've seen 3 and 2 spaces in the code already. Or how the braket of the if clause is set... it should always be in the same line and not in the next.

Changing to comply with new IT coventions for components.

We are not allowed to add a coding standard testbed without writing a proposal even if I was said in past that I don't need it. I had to delete my existing work from incubator as wished by the Zend Dev-Team.

Feel free to download the non-finished version from my blog in a few days.

Therefor reassigning this issue to Ralph as he was the main initiator of this work.

such a shame. maybe more luck with ZF2. :/


[~dasprid] already working on it, see :).

Greetings, Ramon