ZF-3096: problem width iconv_set_encoding() --> Zend_Service_Flickr line 65,66,67


In Zend_Service_Flickr is used "iconv_set_encoding()"(lines: 65, 66, 67) , but this feature gives problems with the version 5.2.5 PHP if used in the configuration "php_admin_value" sel Apache server.


My solution is to replace lines(65-67) it:

ini_set('iconv.output_encoding',"UTF-8"); ini_set('iconv.input_encoding',"UTF-8"); ini_set('iconv.internal_encoding',"UTF-8");

Please evaluate and fix/categorize as necessary.

Using ini_set for 3 very important variables within Zend_Service_Flickr is highly dangerous behaviour. It should be removed and be replaced with explicit changing when needed.

Additionally iconv_ is not defined on all platforms.

It isn't clear to me why this ini values are set in the first place, since iconv() doesn't seem to be used anywhere in the component. Alex, could you please investigate and close this issue?

Fixed with r22598 and applied on 1.10 branch with r22599