ZF-3098: Zend_Memory_MemoryTest causes fatal error in unit test suite


PHP Fatal error:  Access to undeclared static property:  Zend_Cache::$availableBackends in /var/local/zf/library/Zend/Memory.php on line 61


Started checking what is the problem

I suspect a regression in Zend_Cache, but I don't have much to back that assertion yet.

Yes, it seems that {{Zend_Cache::$availableBackends}} was removed (same also for {{Zend_Cache::$availableFrontends}}) in SVN r9056. These should be restored and marked as {{@deprecated}}. The next major release would be the next opportunity to actually remove these from the class.

Fixed with SVN r9196.

Updating for the 1.6.0 release.