ZF-3102: Flag to allow throwing exceptions from the server


Flag to allow throwing exceptions from the server.



$server->throwExceptions(true); try { echo $server->handle(); } catch (MyPersonalException $e) { echo $server->fault($e); } catch (Exception $e) { // do other things like logging, email the admin as this was an unexpected error. echo $server->fault(new Exception('An unknown error occured. Please try again.')); } ```

This would bring the server components more inline with the PHP SoapServer API.


Scheduling for next minor release.

Actually, for Zend_XmlRpc_Server, you can already specify exceptions that you will allow the server to report as fault exceptions. Zend_Rest_Server does not have this functionality currently however.

I'm going to postpone this issue to 1.7.0; we now have four server implementations (and a fifth on the way), and I want to review and consider this implementation for all of them.