ZF-3148: Zend Locale data is not accurate


European Union European Union is not a country and must not appear in the country list (getCountryTranslationList)


This function is depreciated since 1.5.0 and will be erased with 2.0.

Thomas, do you think it would be appropriate to close this one as "will not fix"?

I still want to check if there is a problem within the Unicode data or with the data retrieving function... but after I got some sleep as its now midnight. :-/

Should I change this issue and only put remove European Union from the XML files?

No, if the original data is wrong you would have to write unicode and not zend as we are using the CLDR as also many others out there.

Fixed with r9255

Problem is due to wrong CLDR data. Also this method is already depreciated and will be deleted in 2.0 in favor of getTranslationList / getTranslation methods

Updating for the 1.6.0 release.