ZF-3150: Zend_Date::getSunrise() and Zend_Date::getSunset()



 return "1970-12-08T00:00:00-03:00" for any date/time and city.

The problem occoured in revision 2729:

Where it says 

does not recognize the constant).



I am doing this:

        $date = new Zend_Date(1010101010);

        $result = $date->getSunset(Zend_Date_Cities::City('vienna'));
        echo $result->get(Zend_Date::W3C);

and it returns this:


So in my eyes it works.

I think you made a mistake by using getSunset as static which is not true. This should throw an error by php as this method is not static and needs an instance.

If not, please give a reproducable example, so we can verify the problem.

Actually I didn't use the static method.

But now I tested it in a separate file, outside my MVC, and it worked.

The problem only happens when i use the following code before the calculation:


Shouldn't it still be ok to do date calculations even though i set 'format_type' to 'php' ?

By the way, thanks for the quick response.

Fixed with r9258

Updating for the 1.6.0 release.