ZF-3187: support XRDS, Yadis, & i-names


this is already marked as a TODO in the code, but OpenID 2.0 discovery should support XRDS, Yadis, and XRI/i-names.


Zend are currently reviewing the Zend_Service_Yadis component which is a precondition for Yadis/XRDS discovery support. That component is based primarily on the already released Services_Yadis component in PEAR. Pending unit tests (accompanied by refactoring) and documentation, it should be committed to the Incubator in the near future once the Zend review points are handled.

any way we could help with unit tests and/or documentation?

I wonder if it will get to incubator next year. Or may be you need a help?

Are there any plans to complete and introduce {{Zend_Service_Yadis}} into ZFv1?

Adam, I am working on having this for ZF2, and then we can have a backport relatively easy.

Will it be ready for inclusion in v1.12? If so, mark this issue with label FixForZF1.12