ZF-3191: Modify describeTable to return the actual data type for a column as well as the domain type?


This may impact on users of other databases that support domains, but I can only be sure about the RDBMS I'm using - PostgreSQL. In situations where a column data type has been set to a domain type, describeTable returns the name of that domain in the DATA_TYPE entry, but the actual base type of the domain is unavailable.

Perhaps an additional entry (say BASE_DATA_TYPE) for each column could be added to the $desc array returned by describeTable() denoting the actual data type? For columns that don't use domains, or databases that don't support domains, this could be equal to DATA_TYPE.

I would be happy to produce a patch myself, but I am new to ZF. If someone could provide some pointers as to the places I'd need to look other than the Database Adapters, I'll give it a go.

I have searched the issue tracker and can not find any duplicates of this. Apologies if one exists and escaped my attention.


I'm assigning this to Ralph, but the reporter may have to communicate with him about the issue, as we may not have the PostGRES expertise required to understand/implement this on the Zend team.