ZF-320: hashedDirectoryUmask wont work on some installations


On some installations this would make the directory with the specific dirmask @mkdir($this->_path(self::_idToFileName($id)), $this->_options['hashedDirectoryUmask'], true);

because mkdir relays on the umask settings.

Solution: umask(000) before or a single chmod after this.


do you say that we have to replace the line :

@mkdir($this->_path(self::_idToFileName($id)), $this->_options['hashedDirectoryUmask'], true);

by :

@mkdir($this->_path(self::_idToFileName($id)), $this->_options['hashedDirectoryUmask'], true); @chmod($this->_options['hashedDirectoryUmask']);


Maybe, the 2nd argument to mkdir relays on the umask and chmod not. But yes, your solution should work. :)