ZF-3240: Zend_Http_Client: Documentation blocks out of sync, some features not documented in manual


Today I took closer look at Zend_Http_Client. Here is what I found out:

*__constructor* docblock lists non-existant parameter *$headers* whilst it doesnt list *$config* parameter

     * Contructor method. Will create a new HTTP client. Accepts the target
     * URL and optionally and array of headers.
     * @param Zend_Uri_Http|string $uri
     * @param array $headers Optional request headers to set
    public function __construct($uri = null, $config = null)

some methods are tagged with @throws and some are not. Mainly: * setConfig * setMethod * setHeaders * setCookieJar * setCookie * setFileUpload * setAuth * setAdapter * request * prepare_body * encodeAuthHeader

some methods are missing @return: * _setParameter * setAdapter

getHeader has

I believe this should be 


not documented in manual $config key storeresponse. Default value is true. It allows for retrieval of Zend_Http_Reponse after calling request by getLastResponse. If set to false getLastReponse will return null instead.

The manual states "When set to false, some validation functions will be skipped." about strict $config key. The problem is what some means. It should mention that when true it performs validation against header names to see if they contain forbidden characters.

non BC changes to consider: setAdapter doesnt have return statement, it could return $this to aid fluent interface like other set methods do


added request, prepare_body, encodeAuthHeader and getHeader.

Fix for docbloks

Manual diff

Thanks for all those patches, we are working on them actually ;-) There are some more improvements to make the code fit the coding standards

Fixed at r9490

Updating for the 1.6.0 release.