ZF-3316: Error in PDO SQLite


There is a n error located here :… abour PDO_SQLite configuration

it says : To connect to an SQLite2 database, specify 'dsnprefix'=>'sqlite2' in the array of parameters when creating an instance of the Pdo_Sqlite Adapter.

But if you look @ the source code in Db/Adapter/Pdo/Sqlite.php there is no config params like dsnprefix

code comment say : * sqlite2 => (boolean) PDO_SQLITE defaults to SQLite 3. For compatibility * with an older SQLite 2 database, set this to TRUE.

so the config parameters is sqlite2 ( true|false) not dsnprefix


Assigning and targeting release.

Changing to comply with new IT coventions for components.

fixed in r10414

Fixed for 1.6 in 10435 Fixed for 1.5 in 10434