ZF-3357: Cannot read Index segment that is not compound


Lucene 2.1 onwards has Int8 "isCompundFile" flag in the segment descriptor.

Lucene description for this flag follows:

"IsCompoundFile records whether the segment is written as a compound file or not. If this is -1, the segment is not a compound file. If it is 1, the segment is a compound file. Else it is 0, which means we check filesystem to see if _X.cfs exists."

However, ZF code (Lucene.php) treats isCompoundFile as a boolean. This fails (throws an exception) when the segment is explicitly not a compound file, as is the case for indexes produced by Lucene Nutch (web crawl and search tool).


Please evaluate and categorize as necessary.

Fixed for the release-1.5 and release-1.6 branches.

Updating for the 1.6.0 release.